Stacy Jackson Fine Art - Paintings*Drawings*Sculpture*Mixed Media*Commissions*Art Lessons
Artist Statement
My interest in making visual art stems from research conducted on visual possibilities of language, language as art and, consequently, art as language. Seeking to articulate ideas, experiences and thoughts that cannot express in words I employ established techniques in the hope of providing the viewer with the ability to feel the heat, the cold, hunger, lust, paralysis, and more than anything love of the work. My inspirations are direct from life and from the people I encounter, but much of the substance that manifests upon my drawings originates from a subconscious intervention. A mystery not completely understood yet felt with an unquenchable desire to create and to free the essence of everything that my eyes behold. I choose to use the combination of charcoal and acrylic paint to create images of power and depth. My goal is to put the viewer on a certain path when looking at my drawings and letting them wander by not resolving everything myself. My ultimate intent is to present works of art that allows the viewer the freedom to reflect on the physical, psychological, emotional and most of all spiritual self. Hoping that by being confronted by these elements, the viewer is challenged to see themselves by becoming engaged by the constructs which have formed and shaped her or him as an individual being.
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